Saturday, December 20, 2008


I can't believe I neglected this blog for so long. I started up another one recently, but I guess with school starting I haven't had much time to think up a meaningful entry for this one.

Well, as far as the whole "fame" thing goes, I suppose I'm getting there!

I recently won a contest through Avon/Harper Collin's to be on supermodel Carol Alt's new book. I will be flown, with my mother, to New York in February for a photoshoot. One of the photos from said shoot will be considered for the cover of this new novel. It's really quite exciting but a little scary. I'm really grateful for the opportunity but WOW. This could be the start of something big. If it doesn't though, I'm okay with that. This opportunity is cool enough.

I finished Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys about a month ago, and it was great. I loved American Gods, and while this one took a little longer to get into, I liked it just as well. Some people preferred Anansi but I think they were just different styles. I feel there was a little more humor in this one, which made sense considering the character referenced in the title.

I just started Neil Gaiman's newest book The Graveyard Book and it's really cute. Kind of like a dark bedtime story, but not "dark" in a bad way. But the fact that it takes place almost entirely in a cemetery is enough to call it dark for something that seems like it could be read to kids at night. It's very episodial- each chapter is a little story within itself. Probably why it's taking me so long to read too...when there are no cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, when it has closure to it, I'm okay with setting the book down after just one chapter.

My ex is a huge fan of Orson Scott Card and recently was given Ender in Exile as a belated birthday gift, a book neither he nor I knew existed. He offered to let me borrow it when he was finished, so now I have it to read while I'm at home over break. I haven't started it yet but I'm interested to see how it goes.

Hopefully I'll keep this updated a little more frequently than I had before...though I suppose almost anything's more frequent than abandoning a blog for five months.


Grinder said...

I LOVE Neil Gaiman - I've never read any of his books though - only the ones with pictures :-)

Jenny said...

Yay Rianner, your blogging again! I had all but given up on you! :)